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by David Bodoh
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Elton John Unauthorized CDs

Bootleg CDs are collections of music, usually of live or unreleased tracks, that find their way into the collectors market without the direct approval of the artist or the artist's record label. Although manufacture and distribution of these CDs is prohibited or discouraged in most countries, certain private record labels still find the channels to sell this material to dealers and fans, who often pay the premium prices that are associated with them. The sound quality is often but not strictly inferior to offically released albums, but they are still very collectible, if only for their novelty.

scan of sleeve
BBC 1973
label/catalog: Element of Crime ELEMENTS-028
issued: 1997
venue: Hammersmith Odeon, London
recorded live: 22 December 1973
BBC broadcast of Elton's 1973 Christmas at the Odeon performance.
  1. Funeral For A Friend
  2. Love Lies Bleeding
  3. Candle In The Wind
  4. Hercules
  5. Rocket Man
  6. Bennie And The Jets
  7. Daniel
  8. Honky Cat
  9. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
  10. Your Song
  11. All The Girls Love Alice
  12. Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)
scan of sleeve
The Bitch Is Back
label/catalog: Backstage BKCD056
issued: 1993
venue: Foxboro Stadium, Massachusetts
recorded live: 06 September 1993
  1. The Bitch Is Back
  2. Philadelphia Freedom
  3. Levon
  4. Simple Life
  5. The One
  6. The Last Song
  7. I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That
  8. Take Me To The Pilot
  9. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
  10. Pinball Wizard
  11. Bohemian Rhapsody [with Axl Rose] [live]
  12. The Show Must Go On [live]
scan of sleeve
Blue Eyes
label/catalog: On The Road MFCD1076
issued: 1991
venue: Hammersmith Odeon, London
recorded live: 24 December 1982
  1. Rocket Man
  2. The Bitch Is Back
  3. Pinball Wizard
  4. Blue Eyes
  5. Bennie And The Jets
  6. All Quiet On The Western Front
  7. Your Song
  8. Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)
  9. Daniel
  10. Crocodile Rock
  11. Don't Go Breaking My Heart [with Kiki Dee]
  12. I Saw Her Standing There
  13. Twist And Shout
scan of sleeve
The Bread And Beer Band
label/catalog: Wig WIG1CD
issued: 1994
Unreleased instrumental studio tracks.
Elton played piano with this band briefly. Their only album remains unreleased.
  1. Wooly Bully [Bread And Beer Band]
  2. Mellow Yellow [Bread And Beer Band]
  3. If I Were A Carpenter [Bread And Beer Band]
  4. Zorba The Greek [Bread And Beer Band]
  5. The Letter [Bread And Beer Band]
  6. Quick Joey Small [Bread And Beer Band]
  7. Needles And Pins [Bread And Beer Band]
  8. God Knows (A Bit Of Freedom) [Bread And Beer Band]
  9. Billy's Bag [Bread And Beer Band]
  10. Last Night [Bread And Beer Band]
scan of sleeve
Brittle As A Bird
label/catalog: Classic Shots CSCD002
issued: 1993
Unreleased studio demos and live tracks.
  1. Snookeroo [demo]
  2. Indian Sunset [live]
  3. Lady Samantha [live]
  4. Levon [live]
  5. Honky Cat [live]
  6. Grimsby [live]
  7. Sweet Painted Lady [live]
  8. Ticking [live]
  9. Imagine [live]
  10. Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy [live]
  11. Too Low For Zero [live]
  12. Passengers [live]
  13. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow [live]
  14. Goodbye Marlon Brando [live]
  15. The Last Song [live]
  16. Scarecrow [piano demo, September 1967]
scan of sleeve
Broadcast And Demos
label/catalog: Stoneage Music SAM003
issued: 2001
Unreleased studio demos and radio broadcasts.
  1. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word [live]
  2. Island Girl [live]
  3. I Think I'm Going To Kill Myself [live]
  4. I Got The Whole World In My Hands [live]
  5. Your Song [live]
  6. The Greatest Discovery [demo]
  7. Sixty Years On [demo]
  8. No Shoestrings On Louise [demo]
  9. Border Song [demo]
  10. Holiday Inn [demo]
  11. All The Nasties [demo]
  12. Your Song [demo]
  13. The Cage [demo]
  14. Madman Across The Water [demo]
  15. Don't Go Breaking My Heart [with Kiki Dee] [live]
scan of sleeve
label/catalog: Super Sonic SS2000012
issued: 2000
venue: Royal Festival Hall, London
recorded live: 05 February 1972
Recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
Sleeve erroneously says 3 March, 1971
  1. Your Song
  2. Take Me To The Pilot
  3. The Greatest Discovery
  4. Sixty Years On
  5. The King Must Die
  6. Indian Sunset
  7. Border Song
  8. Madman Across The Water
  9. Burn Down The Mission
  10. Goodbye
scan of sleeve
label/catalog: Oil Well Records RSC022CD
issued: 1995
venue: Hammersmith Odeon, London
recorded live: 22 December 1973
Sleeve erroneously says recorded at Newcastle, 6 May 1973.
  1. Funeral For A Friend
  2. Love Lies Bleeding
  3. Rocket Man
  4. Bennie And The Jets
  5. Daniel
  6. Honky Cat
  7. Candle In The Wind
  8. Hercules
  9. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
  10. Elderberry Wine
  11. Your Song
  12. Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)
scan of sleeve
The Demos (Philadelphia To Love Adventure)
label/catalog: Tonjo Records JECD505
issued: 1993
Unreleased studio tracks.
  1. Philadelphia Freedom [demo]
  2. Border Song [demo]
  3. Lonely Man [demo version of Lonely Boy]
  4. Don't Go Breaking My Heart [solo demo]
  5. Snow Queen [solo demo]
  6. Last To Arrive
  7. Annabella Umbrella
  8. Indian Maiden
  9. Holiday Inn [demo]
  10. Ducktail Jiver
  11. Memory Of Love [demo]
  12. Don't Trust That Woman [demo]
  13. The Cage [demo]
  14. Ego [demo]
  15. Wild Love
  16. Paris [demo]
  17. Let It Shine
  18. Love Adventure
scan of sleeve
Don't Dream It's Over..
label/catalog: American Concert Series ACS065
issued: 1992
venue: Los Angeles, California
recorded live: 12 October 1986
Part one to a set which includes "...It's Starting Again".
  1. Rocket Man
  2. Better Off Dead
  3. The Bitch Is Back
  4. Philadelphia Freedom
  5. Burn Down The Mission
  6. Someone Saved My Life Tonight
  7. Blue Eyes
  8. I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
  9. Candle In The Wind
  10. Daniel
scan of sleeve
Early Session
label/catalog: Bell Bottom BB052
issued: 1999
Recorded live from BBC sessions and WABC Broadcast in 1970.
  1. Sails
  2. Lady Samantha
  3. My Father's Gun
  4. Border Song
  5. Take Me To The Pilot
  6. Ballad Of A Well-Known Gun
  7. Country Comfort
  8. Burn Down The Mission
  9. Amoreena
  10. I Need You To Turn To
  11. Your Song
  12. Country Comfort
  13. Border Song
  14. Indian Sunset
  15. Honky Tonk Women
  16. My Father's Gun

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