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Hello and thank you for visiting I have been running this website since 1994. It has changed names a few times, starting at, then it moved to, and finally settled under the name eltonography. This site is the product of Elton John research that I started as a hobby in the late 1980s, when it was just a catalog of albums and song lyrics. But it grew quickly to include books, magazine, tour dates, and plenty of other details to satisfy the most demanding Elton John fan, collector and researcher.

I've tried to make the information as clear and easy to navigate as possible. But I still welcome fans anywhere to send in their comments and corrections. This website is not sanctioned by Elton John or his management.

Use the link below to send me a note. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Furthermore, this website would never have happened if it wasn't for the pioneering efforts of Peter Dobbins, a fellow fan who started collecting long before I did, and invested a lifetime of tracking down Elton John material from all over the world - well before there was an Internet. In 1993 his collection and deep knowledge were tapped to publish a comprehensive Elton John discography offered through the East End Lights fan magazine. That reference book became my keystone of collecting and gave me the confidence to start publishing my own research online. Over the years Pete and I became friends and corresponded through trades and occasionally butting bids on auction items. Eventually we teamed up to organize a monumental effort to sell part of his impressive collection online. I owe him a mountain of thanks for sharing his extensive experience about Elton John rarities, and helping me locate some of the more scarce items that rarely ever surface. I am happy to continue carrying the torch of archiving the world of Elton John collectibles, and share it with all fans who love his recordings, his performances, his philanthropy and his talent.

Here is a photo of me and Pete enjoying a visit to the archive.

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