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Year Of The Teddy Bear
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1967 demo released on the Jewel Box collection in 2020.
Music:Elton John
Lyrics:Bernie Taupin
Producer:Caleb Quaye
We have raised all our glasses to great men who've gone
But the greatest of all is the unmentioned one
He's the king of the cupboard, the ruler of toys
And now he will celebrate with all girls and boys
And it's now
So hail everybody, the year of the teddy bear's come
The yellowest fellow that ever walked under the sun
He's in command of the space race in time and between
He's followed a world that's slowly gone into a dream
With fire melting fever a doll dies in June
They've sent all the soldiers away in balloons
To the beautiful nursery that's built in the sky
Made of vanilla and chocolate surprise, goodbye
Tickertape welcomes of green plastic flowers
His umbrealla eyes could lose me for hours
And it's now
(repeat chorus)
The celebrated Mr. Bear appears to four thousand
In Leicester Square tube station now
But the Golliwog standing in front of the fishmonger's ware
Has been paid by the maid to dispose of this troublesome bear
It's not fair that it's here and it's now
(repeat chorus)
(repeat chorus)
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