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Welcome To The New World
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Written for the Broadway musical "Lestat"
Transcribed from Elton's demo version
Music:Elton John
Lyrics:Bernie Taupin
What more could one expect
Of something new?
A feast of saints and sinners
A home spun web of old beginnings
This new world holds the most collective stew
For what indeed
Could match this popery
Here the immigrant is plentiful
the pagan Indian colorful
This America seemed the ideal spot for me
The German and the Irish flock here
With hope and family
The melody of language fills the streets
Like myself, there are the French
Who bring their old world common sense
While the Spanish bring their fine nobility
Here the tribal garb, the manners
Of the free people of colour
Seems strange to me
When others are enslaved.
This New Orleans, this melting pot
Is overflowing with cast offs
Who've been dragged or freely came across the waves
And here there's (unable to hear lyric) as they shout out the windows
Welcome to the new world
Of the Cajun and the Creole
Welcome to the new World.
_____ Europeans
Shake loose your prior shackles
For some good old superstition
Welcome to the new world
For a wealth at new beginnings
This port is filled with sailors
That on drunkenness and leachery
Who captor tavern filled with whores and rum
While priests run rampant blessing
Any malcontent confessor
It's apparent they're outnumbered by the scum
The poet and the artist
Find these mean streets most romantic
Enchanted by the bourgeois
It's a civilized debauchery
A society built on sorcery
Who could inspire the most illiterate of beasts
And here's there's... as they shout out the windows
So I think for me a mansion
On some reputable plantation
Would well besuit this nouvelle pioneer
For I'm sold upon this city
And the grand old Mississippi
and the variations of cuisine that are here
© 2005
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