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The Heart Of Every Girl
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Available on the Mona Lisa Smile Soundtrack
Music:Elton John
Lyrics:Bernie Taupin
In the heart of every girl
There's a woman waking up
Like sunlight spreads across the world
Her smile for us is just enough
But in the heart of every girl
There's a homespun family dream
A life that's filled with so much joy
From a curly-head beauty to a teenage queen
And honeymoons and summer prove
We'll always love a bride
The gift you give us all
Is the one you hold inside
This lucky life, this crazy mixed up world
Is all because we love what lives
In the heart of every girl
In the heart of every girl
There's always room for valentines
And boys to kneel and take their hands
With words as sweet as summer wine
And in the heart of every girl
There is a rose for every spring
A peach that's fragrant and divine
She shines just like a wedding ring
Her eyes can light up any room
The moment she steps in
Intoxicating everyone
Her life alone should be a sin
© 2003
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