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The Big Picture
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Available on the album The Big Picture
Music:Elton John
Lyrics:Bernie Taupin
piano and vocals:Elton John
guitar:Davey Johnstone
guitar:John Jorgenson
bass:Bob Birch
keyboards:Guy Babylon
drums and percussion:Charlie Morgan
On and on
The story of our lives goes on and on
The path of time
The sunsets up ahead roll along
In your eyes
The option of a warm embrace implies
You're my friend
Happy endings keep our love alive
And tell me do I fit in the big picture
Do I have a shot at the big part
'Cause I've been up all night looking at the big picture
I've got some good lines for my big star
Wanna be your main man in the big picture
What a deal to get a part like this
Day to day
The shifting wind just blows us on our way
Here and there
Our pockets full of things to say
Oh my love
I proudly represent you in this world
Little satellite
Brightest star tonight, oh my love
(repeat chorus)
Hope I got a future in the big picture
At the last embrace from the first kiss
(repeat chorus)
© 1997
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