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Duet with Eddie Vedder.
Released on Eddie Vedder's 2021 album Earthling.
bass, guitar, drums:Andrew Watt
hammond organ:Bemont Tench
vocals, writer:Eddie Vedder
vocals, piano, writer:Elton John
A picture tells a thousand words, some of them were mine
Combing through the evidence, afraid of what we'll find
The sun could lift us up, should this thunder ever stop
There's no over, there's no under, there's no shame
Picture of love, we were a picture of love
The measure of our years, so deep and wide
Picture of hope, we were a picture of hope
Standing close together, side by side
If we let the darkness of these times break us
Oh-ho-ho, that would truly be the crime
Did I cause the sadness in your eyes
Oh allow me please to ease your troubled mind
(repeat chorus)
Strangers, they walk past with eyes of one-way glass
Thinking what's hidden will someday pass
Somewhere down below, the will to not let go
Our hearts fit together 'cause they're broken
(repeat chorus)
(repeat chorus)
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