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Never Too Old (To Hold Somebody)
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Available on the album The Union
Music:Elton John
Lyrics:Bernie Taupin
Piano and vocals:Elton John, Leon Russell
Drums and percussion:Jim Keltner, Jay Bellerose
Acoustic bass:Dennis Crouch
Guitar:Marc Ribot
Keyboards:Keefus Ciancia
Backing vocals:Bill Cantos, Alfie Silas Durio, Judith Hill, Louis Pardini, Jason Scheff, Tata Vega
Don't abandon the light
Don't step away
Don't give up that tune
That you never could play
If you're folding your tent
And the gas pipes groan
If every bone rattles
Through nights all alone
Well you're tougher than leather
No old burlap sack
Not some hard scrabble weed
Growing up through the cracks
Don't you know, you're never too old
You're never too old to hold somebody
Don't you know, you're never too old
You're never too old to hold somebody
You're never too old to hold somebody
Don't think you've gone out
Don't flicker and fade
If you're gonna get lemons
Then you do what they say
The wind makes you weary
Oh it knocks you around
Logs on the fire
Beats sun shining down
But you're harder than nails
No skinny old tack
You're still sharp as a razor
And I like you like that
(repeat chorus)
I could bet on a horse
But I'm betting on you
You've still got what it takes
You got nothing, nothing to prove
(repeat chorus)
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