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Mama Can't Buy You Love
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Released as a UK B-side in April, 1979
Writer:Leroy Bell, Casey James
Producer:Thom Bell
vocals:Elton John
Keyboards:Thom Bell
Guitars:Bobby Eli Tony Bell
Bass:Bob Babbit
Drums:Charles Collins
Percussion:Larry Washington
Strings and horns:M.F.S.B.
Backing vocals:The Spinners
Baby, so they give you anything
Darling, all the joy money can bring
Baby, do they bring you happiness
Darling, you're no different from the rest
Can't you see that it's love you really need
Take my hand and I'll show what a love could be
Before it's too late
Mama don't want you, daddy don't want you
Give it up baby, baby mama can't buy you love
Mama don't want you, daddy don't need you
Give it up baby, baby mama can't buy you love
Baby, fancy friends showing you a smile
Darling, rich relations for a while
Baby, I can only give you love
Darling, this old heart should be enough
All I need is a chance to make you mine
Let me in, I'll change the way you feel inside
Before it's too late
© 1979
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