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Learn To Fly
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Recorded and released as a duet with Surfaces in 2020.
Included on the 2021 album "The Lockdown Sessions
Writer:Colin Padalecki, Forrest Frank
All the broken people put your hands up high
If you lift them up, you might just touch the sky
All the lonely people put your hands up high
If you loosen up, you might just learn to fly
All the highs and the lows, and the way it all goes
You can't let them keep you down
If you're lost if you're broke, if you're stuck on the road
You can turn it all around
'Cause we gotta trust in love
Something that can't be touched
A feeling to lift us up
All in the name of love
(repeat chorus)
Sometimes it gets difficult
When everything's the same
You toss and turn, push and pull
You don't know who to blame
But there is always something, to hold on to in your life
Just keep that head up, don't you worry, it will be alright
(repeat chorus)
(repeat chorus)
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