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Hey Armadillo
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Available on the soundtrack The Road To El Dorado
Music:Elton John
Lyrics:Tim Rice
Hey armadillo what you doing in the garden
Slumbering and spherical, you're always hanging around
Leather on the outside but a delicate interior
Very like a lot of human beings I have found
Hey armadillo I can't tell which way you're facing
Maybe that's good thinking, maybe you don't even know
No one's gonna bother you if they can't find your front end
There again I guess you find your love life rather slow
In the armadillo circle
In that armour-plated set
The philosophy is simple
What you see ain't what you get
In the armadillo culture
In that well-protected creed
A solid hide to hide in
Is the only thing you'll need
Hey armadillo
(repeat chorus)
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