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Better Together
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Performed by Jessie Ware for the Sherlock Gnomes soundtrack in 2018.
Where's your hand when I need your touch
To fold my fingers around and holding your love
Was there a place we tripped and fell
Where we lost something we thought we knew so well
Golden days they always favored us
We'd laugh and say the days weren't long enough
The stars above were never out of reach
With you the ground was so secure beneath my feet
Everywhere I look and everything I see
I see a little bit of us and a lot of you with me
It's plain and simple clearly that things go so much better
With you and me a while and we're doing things together
Where's your arm to protect us both
To slip around my shoulder when I need you most
I never felt the slightest doubt
Love builds a strong foundation when you talk things out
Love your smile, your sparkling eyes
Your laugh could drive away a cloudy sky
I reminisce on every little thing
As my memories make plans to see us -----
Doing things together is better than doing things alone
I wanna love with you I always find I felt like home
I ---- without a care lighter than a feather
And knowing that the two of us are better together
And knowing that the two of us are better together
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