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by David Bodoh
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1971 DJM DJK-4243
5:05Country Comfort
3:40Love Song
(no sleeve)
1976 DJM K-6448
4:43Love Song
4:00Skyline Pigeon

[picture sleeve]
1979 Rocket 6200028
#:##Part Time Love
#:##Song For Guy
#:##Victim Of Love
#:##Johnny B. Goode
(no sleeve)
1982 Rocket 6000875
3:27Ball And Chain
#:##The Retreat

[picture sleeve]
1983 Rocket 814397-7
6:40Earn While You Learn
(no sleeve)
1984 Rocket 880630-7
4:17In Neon
5:11Hey Papa Legba
(no sleeve)
1986 Rocket 888363-7
4:58Don't Trust That Woman
(no sleeve)
1998 Columbia COL16 [promo] [CDR sampler]
3:27Kenny's Dead [Master P.]
2:47Bubble Goose [Wyclef]
5:26Wake Up Wendy [alternate recording]
4:51No Substitute [Chef]
3:10Simultaneous [Chef]

[card sleeve]
2000 Dreamworks 450952-2
4:47Someday Out Of The Blue
4:09The Perfect Love
3:47Hey Armadillo
#:##Someday Out Of The Blue [video track]

[card sleeve]
2001 Rocket ELTPROAP [promo] [Australia Post Souvenir Pack]
4:49Ballad Of The Boy In The Red Shoes
1:58I Want Love/This Train Don't Stop There Anymore/Original Sin
6:14Tiny Dancer
5:30I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That [live]
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