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The Muse Soundtrack

Tracks 1-18 produced by Guy Babylon and Michael T. Ryan
Tracks 19, 20 produced by Daryl Simmons.
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1:49Driving Home
9:17Driving To Universal
1:06Driving To Jack's
1:34Walk Of Shame
2:06Better Have A Gift
3:00The Wrong Gift
2:11The Aquarium
1:06Are We Laughing
1:29Take A Walk With Me
1:11What Should I Do
0:53Back To The Aquarium
2:42Steven Redecorates
0:49To The Guesthouse
0:53The Cookie Factory
2:22Multiple Personality
1:44Sarah Escapes
0:43Back To Paramount
1:22Meet Christine
4:22The Muse
4:20The Muse [Jermaine Dupri Remix]
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