The online illustrated Elton John Discography
by David Bodoh
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Elton John Singles
Elton John has released dozens of singles throughout his career, highlighting specific tracks worthy of radio airplay. These pages chronicle over 2500 pressings of singles released by Elton in over 50 countries around the world. Formats include 7-inch vinyl(45 RPM), tape format, but only a few are mentioned here.) Both stock and promotional versions are distinguished. In many cases, these singles contain exclusive b-side tracks never included on any album. Singles in general are only available on the market for a short time, but can be pressed again as reissues, which are also mentioned here. Artwork for singles pressed with picture sleeves are also included. There are also specialty singles such as colored vinyl, flexidiscs, video CDs, remixes and more.
(29 pressings)
Part Time LovePart Time Love(1978)
(32 pressings)
Song For GuySong For Guy(1978)
(28 pressings)
Are You Ready For LoveAre You Ready For Love(1979)
(22 pressings)
Mama Can't Buy You LoveMama Can't Buy You Love(1979)
(14 pressings)
Victim Of LoveVictim Of Love(1979)
(27 pressings)
Johnny B. GoodeJohnny B. Goode(1979)
(24 pressings)
Little JeannieLittle Jeannie(1980)
(38 pressings)
Sartorial EloquenceSartorial Eloquence(1980)
(19 pressings)
Dear GodDear God(1980)
(12 pressings)
Live with John LennonLive with John Lennon(1980)
(19 pressings)
Nobody WinsNobody Wins(1981)
(32 pressings)
Just Like BelgiumJust Like Belgium(1981)
(10 pressings)
Empty GardenEmpty Garden(1982)
(25 pressings)
Blue EyesBlue Eyes(1982)
(26 pressings)
(9 pressings)
I'm Still StandingI'm Still Standing(1983)
(31 pressings)
Kiss The BrideKiss The Bride(1983)
(14 pressings)
Too Low For ZeroToo Low For Zero(1983)
(4 pressings)
Sad Songs (Say So Much)Sad Songs (Say So Much)(1984)
(39 pressings)
(20 pressings)
Who Wears These ShoesWho Wears These Shoes(1984)
(26 pressings)
Act Of WarAct Of War(1985)
(35 pressings)
(41 pressings)
Wrap Her UpWrap Her Up(1985)
(32 pressings)
Cry To HeavenCry To Heaven(1985)
(13 pressings)
Heartache All Over The WorldHeartache All Over The World(1986)
(30 pressings)
Slow RiversSlow Rivers(1987)
(20 pressings)
Your Song (live)Your Song (live)(1987)
(11 pressings)
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